What you need to know about Fondant Cake

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Check out the overview of all Cake Fondant Icing brands, types, flavors and prices available on the market! See the table in this article!

In simple words, fondant cake may be described as a confection that is mostly made by using water, corn syrup or glucose and sugar. It is widely used for iced cakes like wedding cakes or birthday cakes but also to decorate candies, pastries, cakes and cookies. It is like eatable ‘clay’ build to decorate cakes and cookies.

There are a few different types of fondants such as colored, rolled, flavored, pourable and liquefied. Rolled, colored and flavored fondant cake are thick and you have to use a fondant cake roller to create the thinness you want to use. The other two types of fondant cake have a very thin consistency.

How to Make Easy  Fondant Cake RecipeIt is actually quite easy to make fondant cake. All you have to do is follow a simple fondant recipeMany fondant cake recipes are so simple that it takes only a few minutes to make fondant by following these recipes.

If you’re not interested in making your own fondant or you don’t have the time to make fondant yourself, you can find a lot of different brands, types and colors in the special cake shops and online stores. Click further to read where to buy fondant cake.

The types of fondant cake have been described below. It is important to know the different types so that it is easier to follow the fondant cake recipe at hand.

  • Colored and rolled fondant: The fondant recipe to make this type of fondant include gelatin. This is why it is stiff in comparison to the other fondants. Colored fondant is mainly used to decorate cakes. They are shaped into various shapes such as flowers.
  • Flavored fondant: This fondant is used for candies as their center. Sometimes it may be used as icing on cakes.
  • Pourable fondant: This type of fondant is thin and is mixed with sugar syrup in order to get the right flavor. This is most usually used for icing purposes.
  • Liquefied fondant: You can find this in cherries covered with chocolate. This is actually flavored fondant to begin with. However, it reacts with cherries and a few more creamed centers and becomes juicy. That is why it is called liquefied fondant.

In underneath table you see an short list of all available cake fondant brands, colors and prices. To see the whole list (over 40 items) go to the complete overview of all available fondants.

NameTypeFlavorColorNet Weight

Satin Ice
Rolled FondantVanillaWhite2

Rolled FondantButtercreamRed2

Rolled FondantWhite1.5

CK Products
Rolled FondantButtercreamYellow1

To see the whole table with the complete overview of all available cake fondant brands, types, flavors, colors and prices (which is over 40 items) –> click here!


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