Fondant Icing

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What is rolled fondant / fondant icing / normal icing / royal icing?

There are a few products available which are quite similar to each other. The different types are:

    • Rolled fondant
    • Fondant icing
    • Normal icing
    • Royal icing

Rolled fondant is a ready made cake topping which is ideal for covering cakes and cookies.

Everybody knows the wedding cakes with the nice toppings. That topping is quite often made of rolled fondant. The smaller decorating figures could also be made from cake fondant. The bigger figures on top of the cakes are normally made of gum paste. Especially the figures which stand up on the cake. Gum paste will harden out completely and will not collapse or fall over.

The rolled fondant comes in a plastic bucket and therefore it stay good for a long time. You can just take out what you need and if you have any left-overs you can put it back in the bucket and it will stay good. Check out the complete table of available fondants with all the brands, types, flavors and prices!

Fondant is very easy to use and it is available in many colors and tastes. Fondant stays a bit softer than the icings. In the US it’s mostly called fondant but also known as sugarpaste. 

You can also make your own home-made fondant quite easily as well. Check out my home-made cake fondant recipes which don’t take long to make and you can store that for quite some time as well if you seal it in an airtight container in the fridge.

Fondant icing is similar to normal icing but then it’s used to completely cover a cake or cookies with a coat of iced sugar.

Royal icing is icing sugar which is mixed with egg white and cake be used to cover cakes and cookies but it has harder finish on the cake.

Normal icing is just icing sugar mixed with water and it is used to put on top of cup cakes for a sweet topping.

When you want to use fondant to cover a cake, you also need a fondant roller and a bit of icing sugar or a non-sticking sheet. Normally you try to make the fondant rolled out as thin as possible. Depending on the brand (or your home-made) you can roll it out to about 1/4 cm or even thinner.

You can buy ready made at your local cake supplier or supermarket maybe but in the online stores you will find all the brands, types, flavors and packagings. Check out my fondant overview table which you can sort the products on price per pound as well.


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