Gum Paste

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Gum Paste – ideal for your cake decorations!gum paste shoe

On my website I’ve already explained about cake fondant and fondant icing varieties. With cake fondant you can easily cover the complete cake and make little cake decorations, like small fondant flowers, figures or letters. Just remember that cake fondant stays a bit soft. It will not harden out completely.

If you make bigger cake decorations with cake fondant it will not work out. They will collapse or bend down or sink together. In that case you should use gum paste. Gum paste is similar to cake fondant but it will harden out completely! Gum paste is also eatable like cake fondant but remember that gum paste is hard (don’t break your teeth) and not everybody especially likes the taste of gum paste.

I’ve received a few questions but to make it very clear: you should not use gum paste to cover a complete cake. Just use it for cake decorations! Oh yeah, sugar paste and gum paste are the same, just different names :)

Gum paste is mostly used for hand modeling figures and can be rolled out very thinly. It is ideal for detailed flowers, leaves, figures and other decorations.

You can also mix cake fondant with gum paste. The reason is that the result will be not as hard as pure gum paste. The price is similar to normal cake fondant. I’ve created a very complete overview of all available cake fondants and gum pastes on the market which you can sort for brand, price etc. Click here to see the overview.

You can find the ready made gum paste mostly in the color white but also in a few different colors. Normally I only buy the white colored gum paste and color it myself with a little bit of food coloring. In that way I don’t have 5 different buckets of gum paste which might dry out in the end and food coloring is so easy and you can make so many different colored gum pastes very quickly.

gum paste flower

Ready made gum paste is probably available in your local store or supermarket but a lot more varieties are available in the known online stores like Amazon. Check out the prices and whether you want to make your own or not.

Making your own gum paste is not so difficult. Ok, you make a little mess in the kitchen when you make the mixture and it needs to stay in the fridge for 24 hours to mature. Before you can start creating cake decorations you need to take the gum paste out of the fridge and let it adjust to the room temperature. In the end making your own gum paste is cheaper than buying the ready made gum paste in the shops. Check out the gum paste recipe to start making your own!

Check out the video for a very detailed explanation how to make gum paste:


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